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            Step 4 - Setup Callback

            By setting up the Closed Ticket callback in BlueFolder, when a ticket is closed AccountsInSync is notified to process that ticket.
            1. In BlueFolder, access the BlueFolder CallbacList settings by clicking Settings-->Integration-->Callback List
            2. Review if other existing callbacks are listed and delete them unless required.
            3. Click the 'New Callback' button.

            4. Fill in the following details in Edit Callback settings.
              Name:  Ticket Closed
              Trigger Event: Ticket Closed
              Authentication: not ticked
              Status: Enabled
              Timeout: 60 seconds
              Maximum Attempts: 1
              Request Data:


              Replace the section above starting and ending with an XX with your AccountsInSync Access Token found in AccountsInSync settings on the General Tab. 

              Request Content Type: XML
              Failure Email: Your email address

            5. Press Save

            Updated: 26 Mar 2019 11:33 AM
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