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            Step 2 - Connect BlueFolder

            Perform the following steps to connect to BlueFolder to AccountsInSync:
            1. Log in to BlueFolder and access the BlueFolder API Settings by clicking Settings-->Integration
            2. In the drop down menu next to 'Grant API access to:', choose a user (preferably with the Role of Administrator). All actions performed by AccountsInSync in BlueFolder will appear to have been performed by this user.
            3. Your BlueFolder API Token now appears on the API Settings page. Take note of this for step 5 below.

            4. Log in to AccountsInSync settings, click the Applications menu and then click the BlueFolder tab
            5. Fill in the following details:
              BlueFolder URL: https://[your-company] and replace [your-company] with your own custom BlueFolder address.
              API URL:
              API Token: as per step 3 above

            6. Click Save

            Note: Access to BlueFolder by AccountsInSync can be removed by pressing the 'Remove Access' button at step 3 above.

            Updated: 26 Mar 2019 11:34 AM
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